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English Language Classes

Registration starts July 2023

Project Light Language School has adopted the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) curriculum aligned with the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Adult ESOL Curriculum Framework. This Framework has six levels that correlate to the Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs) of the National Reporting System (NRS). 

Project Light Language School's academic year begins in August and ends in May. The school's academic calendar is aligned with the Manatee County School District's Calendar.

Project Light Language School offers English language proficiency courses from Foundations through Advanced. 

Students eligible to enroll in Project Light's English courses are 18 years old or older. 

English Language classes are conducted in a classroom with 6-18 students in a group with a volunteer teacher. Our English classes are geared toward real-life, career-focused scenarios. We work on listening, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking through those topics. 

Classes are held twice a week, Monday through Thursday, in the morning and evening.


Registration fee $50 (non-refundable)

The English language course tuition is $ 200 ( the cost includes required course study material and supplies.) This fee covers a 9-month English course.

*A limited number of partial scholarships will only be available to returning students on merit.  Merit means class attendance, test results, and practicing English inside and outside the classroom, which follows the Learning Contract.  

Upon completing the enrollment process, a student signs a learning contract that identifies individual learning goals and study plans. A student will be enrolled in a course that best focuses on improving a learner's English proficiency level.

A student can begin any day if there is space in the group.  

About Our English Courses

The school's English language curriculum uses a six-level, four-skills, standards-based, integrated-skills learning/teaching series focused on developing English language proficiency and empowering students to achieve academic and career goals. The school uses formative and summative assessments to monitor individual students' progress within a school year.

Project Light measures student's English language progression and completion of ESOL program using FDOE and NRS approved assessment: CASAS Life and Work 80 Reading Series, CASAS Life and Work 980 Listening Series.

To measure speaking and writing skills of upper-division ESOL classes,  the school uses ACTFL ( American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Test of English Language (TEL) administrated by LTI ( Language Testing International). 

Upon completing a course of study,  a student will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining the learner's proficiency gain.

Watch ThisVideo To Learn How To Register

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