English Classes

We offer three different types of English Learning Classes:

  • English Fundamentals

  • Conversational English

  • Writing Classes



The cost to register is $30 per semester paid in August and January. The registration fee pays for the textbooks and a notebook for use in class and home study.



Upon enrollment, students sign a contract that specifies the expectations, responsibilities for the student and the school. If there are more than 2 weeks of unexcused absences, students are moved to the waiting list.

Usually, there are 3-15 students in a group with a volunteer teacher. Our English classes are geared for real-life, career-focused scenarios. Through those topics, we work on listening and reading comprehension, writing and speaking. 


Getting Started

Our classes (except for Conversational English Basics) require placement testing. We assess our students' English learning language progress on a regular basis by implementing unit tests, midterms and final exams.


All of our classes are year-long based on the Manatee County School Calendar. Students move from level to level based on their test results.

A student can begin any day if there is space in the group.  

Call 941-745-1659 or email projectlight1994@gmail.com to set a time to take the placement test.

English Fundamentals

-Basic English (Student only knows alphabet and numbers) - No placement test necessary.

-Beginner's I 

-Beginner's II 



Conversational English 

-Basic ESL - Student has no knowledge of English or has basic knowledge of English (i.e., some alphabet and numbers). No placement test required for this level.

-Conversational English: Low - Intermediate

-Conversational English: Intermediate - High

Writing Classes

Writing Class: Low - High Beginner's

Get started on your English learning journey today!

  • 1.

    Call or Email

    Call 941-745-1659 or email projectlight1994@gmail.com to set a time to take the placement test.

  • 2.

    Placement Test

    Take the placement test. The results of the placement test will determine the class you will start in.

  • 3.

    Pay Fees

    Before starting class, pay the $30 registration fee. Please note, we only accept cash.

  • 4.

    Receive Books

    After paying your fee, collect your textbook and notebook. Please bring them to every class. 

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