Computer Classes

This course will teach basic computer skills to students whose second language is English. We offer two classes that are career-focused:

  • Basic Computer Skills I

  • Basic Computer Skills II

Each class is 8 weeks long and held once a week.

Classes focus on:

  • Introduction to the computer

  • Using the internet

  • How to conduct a job search online

  • Resume writing


Students will need to take a placement test to assess their English learning skills.



The cost to register is $30. The registration fee pays for the textbooks and a notebook for use in class and home study. 


Upon enrollment, students sign a contract that specifies the expectations, responsibilities for the student and the school. If there are more than 2 weeks of unexcused absences, students are moved to the waiting list.

Getting Started

Call 941-745-1659 or email to set a time to take the placement test.


Get started on your next career search today!

  • 1.

    Call or Email

    Call 941-745-1659 or email to set a time to take the placement test.

  • 2.

    Placement Test

    Take the placement test. The results of the placement test will determine the class you will start in.

  • 3.

    Pay Fees

    Before starting class, pay the $30 registration fee. Please note, we only accept cash.

  • 4.

    Receive Books

    After paying your fee, collect your textbook and notebook. Please bring them to every class. 

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