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Why Choose Project Light?


Marc Jean-Henry


There is a saying that at some point the student becomes the teacher. In the case of Marc, it is literally true. A few years ago he stepped into Project Light classrooms because at the time he did not speak English. He has graduated college and also a former volunteer teacher. Talk about a Project Light success! 

Barbara Beam


A retired teacher from Connecticut, Barbara continues to help students and we are very glad she volunteers at Project Light. Her classes are very interactive and students learn better pronunciation by singing popular songs.

Charles Cunningham

Teacher & Board President

Charles has a lot of experience in teaching English.  He started teaching Citizenship classes while he was working for the US Government in Virginia. Now, Charlie teaches advanced English at Project Light and also coordinates our Citizenship program.  He is the President on the Board of Directors.

Marie King.jpg




"I love Project Light because all of the teachers are happy to help us. They are friendly and we know that they care about us."

Marta Cortez.jpg




"I like Project Light. I feel good here. The teachers are good. I want to talk, read and write English too."

Patricia Vera.jpg



"I am very happy for the method of English classes at Project Light. The teachers are understanding people, patient and loving. They teach well. We practice conversation which I need. I hope to read and write good English so that I can get a good job."

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