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New Year New Facade For The Project Light Building!

Updated: Jan 7

Project Light Language School is proud to announce that the long-awaited renovations on the school’s building have been completed. With the help of The Selby Foundation the nonprofit is able to enter the new year with a fresh facade and proudly welcome students for the second semester of the school year.

The renovations included two awnings featuring the organization’s branding and information, a fresh coat of paint,

and a new front entrance including windows and a new door.

It also received new fencing and a complete remodel of the parking facilities! Now, with the help of The Selby Foundation, the students receive a warm welcome.

As a nonprofit that serves Manatee County through education, Project Light believes that our surroundings are a reflection of our community.

In 2001, the board of directors purchased an old garage and converted it into a school with six classrooms, two offices, and a library with an adjacent fenced-in parking lot.

For 21 years the building has served thousands of students and volunteers, working together to fulfill their dreams and working to better the community.

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