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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Cheryl has been with Project Light Of Manatee since 2019, she started out as the Board Vice President and has recently taken on the role of Board President.

As a former teacher, early childhood development expert, and eager philanthropist, Mrs. Evans is the ideal candidate to drive our mission forward.

When her good friend and Project Light Board Secretary, Pamela Steen introduced Cheryl to Project Light it was an instant click and we started the onboarding process for a new Vice President. Cheryl quickly fit into her role and started implementing fundraising projects in order to be able to continue our vision of bridging the literacy gap amongst adults in our community.

During the pandemic Cheryl pioneered Project Lights' first online fundraiser, this was no easy task as the fear of the Corona Virus was a big impediment for any educational institution. With the help and support of the board, Mrs. Evans was able to collect donations from local businesses that were then auctioned online. All the proceeds went to supporting our school and its students.

In December 2021 Project Light was presented with the opportunity to host our first in-person fundraiser at a prominent art gallery in Sarasota, FL. Cheryl took the reins and organized the event "Bubbles, Beats & Bites" which became an annual fundraiser and we held our successful second event the following year in December 2022.

From Vice President to event planner, volunteer teacher, and now Board President, Cheryl Evans has worn many hats for Project Light and she continues to militate for new projects that will improve our student's learning experience and benefit our community.

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Project Light Language School is proud to announce that the long-awaited renovations on the school’s building have been completed. With the help of The Selby Foundation the nonprofit is able to enter the new year with a fresh facade and proudly welcome students for the second semester of the school year.

The renovations included two awnings featuring the organization’s branding and information, a fresh coat of paint,

and a new front entrance including windows and a new door.

It also received new fencing and a complete remodel of the parking facilities! Now, with the help of The Selby Foundation, the students receive a warm welcome.

As a nonprofit that serves Manatee County through education, Project Light believes that our surroundings are a reflection of our community.

In 2001, the board of directors purchased an old garage and converted it into a school with six classrooms, two offices, and a library with an adjacent fenced-in parking lot.

For 21 years the building has served thousands of students and volunteers, working together to fulfill their dreams and working to better the community.

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