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Randy Cooper joined the Board of Directors of Project Light in the Spring of 2017. He is a civil engineer and fire commissioner with the West Manatee Fire District.  He has been very helpful with the web page, the heavy work of setting up, scaffolding, painting and pressure washing for MLK Day of Service Project. Welcome, Randy!

With about 25 teachers working at Project Light on different days it is hard to get them together for a luncheon but they all got their pizza, salad and words of thanks from members of the Board of Directors the week of April 10 - 16.  There were 5 meals served on different days to accommodate everyone.  It was a good opportunity to relax together, get to know other teachers and share ideas.

Ann Griffin thanks teachers

Ann, one of the original founding members of Project Light, expresses sincere gratitude to the volunteer teachers.

Teachers and students visit 'DRINK COFFEE. DO GOOD'

Level 2 teachers used the teacher luncheon to plan an excursion to a great coffee shop with their students.