Our Volunteer Teachers and Staff

Project Light relies on over 30 Volunteer Teachers and two Volunteer Secretaries who help in the Administration of The School.

We really appreciate all our volunteers.

Volunteer Teacher Marge Melum

Marge teaches the intermediate level English classes on Thursday mornings.

Volunteer Teacher Barbara Beam

Barbara is a retired teacher from Connecticut, who volunteers at Project Light.

Volunteer Teacher Charles Cunningham

Charles is a retired civil servant who has been with Project Light for nearly one year. Prior to taking up residence in Florida last year, he served three years as a volunteer instructor with Catholic Charities in Northern Virginia. There he taught both ESOL and Citizen Preparation classes, and provides that same expertise to the students at Project Light.

Volunteer Teacher Marc-Henry Jean

There is a saying that at some point the student becomes the teacher. In the case of Marc-Henry he started as a student at Project Light and is now a college student. Marc-Henry is truly a Project Light success.


Diane Draper

Diane has been with Project Light for over 12 years.

Grace Seibel

Grace is a secretary three days a week.

Project Light Current Volunteer Teachers.

John Bailey, Judy Bagley-Bonner, Barbara Beam, James Canfield, Cristina Conley, Sandra Cannata, Charles Cunningham, Teresa Cunningham, Noella Dabney,
Diane Drapper, Mauren Eddy, Annette Faltot, Maurice Finkelstein, Judith Frey, Cynthia Gates, Robert Geller, Roseanne Goodman, Jill Green, Janis Groth,
Sharon Heath, Marc-Henry Jean, Stephanie Keys, Dr. Rosemarie Larreur, Christine MacCormack, Racha Masara, Margaret Melun, Marianne Metzelaar,
Hazeldean Meyers, Brent Mosher, Walter Pascal, Lynne Sandman, Rose Schmedlen, Robert Smith, Deborah W. Thomas, Charles Toussaint, Rick Utton, Verne Walsh, Oscar Vazquez, Carol Bearfield, Richard Benson, Molly Britten-Campbell, Jay Bryson, Marilyn Johnson, Betsy Jovia, Rose Schmedlen, Sherry Lowe.