Project Light has provided English Classes to over 2,000 students during the 20 years we have been in existence. We encourage students to attend classes regularly during the school semester so that they may advance to de next level.

Each semester, we teach an average of 50 students in our 6 classrooms.

It is always gratifying to see our students become more comfortable in their surroundings and have greater participation in community activities.

I love Project Light because all of the teachers are happy to help us. They are friendly and we know that they care about us.

I like Project Light. I feel good here. The teachers are good. I want to talk, read and write English too.

I am very happy for the method of English classes at Project Light. The teachers are understanding people, patient and loving. They teach well. We practice conversation which I need. I hope to read and write good English so that I can get a good job.

I like Project Light. I've had a good opportunity to learn to participate and be able to speak English. The teachers have helped me feel more safe.

I'm happy in this school because the teachers are teaching well. I have the opportunity to speak my second language with the other students.

I have not gone to another school. I think I learn here. I am very good with all the teachers. They are worried. We learn to communicate and I appreciate that they are all volunteers.