Our Mission

To empower Non-English Speaking Adults to participate more actively in our community through English Language Proficiency. (ESOL)

Our Vision

All Non-English Speaking Adults in our community should have the opportunity to speak, write and read English. (ESOL)

Our Values

We welcome diversity. We embrace cultural differences. We recognize the right of all individuals to mutual respect and acceptance without biases or based on differences of any kind.

In 1994, Sister Nora Brick, Ed and Ann Griffin joined efforts and founded Project Light to teach English to adult Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in our community. She felt that competency in English would equip the students with the confidence and skills necessary to fully participate as a productive member of our community.

Founded on the principles of access, equality, dignity, and opportunity for all, Project Light continues to carry out its mission within the context of Sister Nora's vision of empowering students to more fully and meaningfully engage in our community.

Our student population is diverse, representing Mexico; Central and South America; Haiti and the French and Spanish Caribbean; Canada, Eastern Europe.

We at Project Light have palpable proof almost daily of the positive impact we have on our students. We see their smiling faces and joy when they get their first job... are better able to communicate with their children's teachers and help them with homework... are able to advocate for their families' health needs.

In addition our students are great advocates of our program as they become a role model for their peers.